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What you really need to know about starting a baking business with very little capital and turning your kitchen to your first bakery.

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book cover

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We all understad that starting up a bakery business in Nigeria will require a lot; but if you are passionate about starting your own bakery and looking to go into something much more bigger than where you are; why not?

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Starting up a bakery may seem very hard considering the start up capital and other requirements, but what if you are exposed to how you can convert your kitchen to a bakery and start with the little capital you have?

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The Author


My name is Alice Oluwaseun Umoh. I am the MD/CEO at Switbud Global Services Ltd. A functional bakery, a bakery academy and a bakery consultancy firm.
I studied electronic/telecommunication engineering but my passion for confectionery products turned me into a professional baker. I will love to share my start-up experience with you in this eBook just to encourage you that you can start with what you have as long as you are following your passion.
In 2003, Switbud started with a capital seed of N2000, turning my kitchen and sitting room into a workshop. My personal story inspired me to write this eBook. This means that it is possible to start and run a successful mini bakery from home, with little resources.
Over the years, Switbud has grown, improved and quite a lot of innovations have taken place. Right now, the net worth of the business is over N25million.
Therefore, “Pursuit of your dr
eam is the key to your success” when challenging situations come (which is definite), your passion keeps you going.
In this e-book, I will be sharing how you can run a mini bakery from home and grow much more. Thank you


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